File Transfer (SFTP) Setup

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Client Software Setup:

Host Keys

These keys ensure that you are making a secure connection to identityVector Solutions, LLC, and not to an impostor. The chances of someone being able to impersonate our servers is slim, but we feel that the security of your data is critical, and want to provide you with the information required to verify our servers' authenticity. In general, you'll only have to verify and accept the keys once, since your system will remember that you have accepted the keys. If you would like to get verbal verification of our host keys, please let us know by sending an e-mail to staff (at) Please include a phone number where you can be reached, and we will contact you to verify the key fingerprints.

  • Fingerprint of SSH RSA Host Key for 5f:db:ed:e9:23:7c:86:9f:7a:57:00:fa:2c:85:18:47
  • Fingerprint of SSH DSA Host Key for ac:ce:38:45:ab:c3:7f:f1:d5:05:79:36:d7:d8:e8:e3

Client Configurations

Windows Clients

Linux Clients