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Service Type Cost Notes
Web+Email $10/mo Services require your own domain name. Email includes up to 5 individual accounts and can be accessed by both POP3 and IMAP protocols.
Email account $7/mo Requires your own domain name. Includes up to 5 individual accounts and can be accessed by both POP3 and IMAP protocols.
Web account $7/mo Web hosting on your own domain name.
Domain setup $20/domain One-time fee to set up your own domain on our server(s). Price is per service activated (e.g. web and/or email).
Hosted Web Applications $20 setup, $5/mo (per app) If you've wanted to host your own web application but don't want the hassle of maintaining it, we can help! We offer the following web apps, which are listed below. Most applications use a database backend, which is included in the listed cost for the application itself.
  • Blog (Weblog): Create a following! Blogging is a way to provide your personal or corporate commentary to the world at large. We will install and maintain an instance of WordPress. Content and add-ons like widgets, plugins, and themes will be the responsibility of the user.
  • URL Shortener: Instead of relying on third-party URL shortening services, we can help you to deploy you own. Using the YOURLS software package, you'll be able to create, share, and track usage of your short links.
Additional Email accounts $5/mo Up to 5 additional email accounts (i.e. $5 per additional 1-5 accounts)
Additional Web Content accounts $5/mo Up to 5 additional file transfer accounts with access to your entire web tree or a portion thereof.
Additional Domain (one service) $5/mo Recurring price for hosting either web or email service on more than one domain with us.
Additional Domain (web+email) $7/mo Recurring price for hosting both web and email services on more than one domain with us.
MySQL Database $3/mo Use database-driven applications with your web hosting package. Includes full permissions on one database.
Static IP address $7.50/mo Exclusive access to an IP address in our datacenter, including reverse DNS record(s). Required for SSL web hosting. Price is per IP address.
DNS registration and management $20/domain/year We will register and manage your DNS domain for you, including private registration to IVS. (We will not include your contact information on the domain unless you specifically ask for it.) You retain full ownership of your domain and we will make updates or even transfer it elsewhere at your request. If you host your services with identityVector, we will make any necessary updates to ensure continuity of service.
  • All services include daily backups to hard disk (retained five weeks) and monthly encrypted backups to tape (retained two years). Backups contain all web content, email, home directories, and databases.
  • Web services on personally owned domains include web-published logfile analysis every 60 minutes.
  • Email services include user-configurable SPAM filtering, webmail, IMAP (SSL), POP3 (SSL), and authenticated SMTP (TLS).
  • All accounts paid for 11 months at a time will receive the 12th month of service at no charge.
  • Customers will receive a service credit of $10 per new account referred. Credit is applied after 3 months of paid service for the new account.
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