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Service Type Cost Notes
Web+E-Mail $10/mo Services can be provisioned on either identityvector.com or your own domain, up to 5 individual e-mail accounts.
Web traffic caps: 1GB/mo on identityvector.com domain, 20GB/mo on your own domain,
E-Mail account $7/mo E-Mail service on the identityvector.com address or on your own domain, 1 account.
Web account $7/mo Web hosting with an http://identityvector.com/~<username> address or on your own domain.
Web traffic caps: 1GB/mo on identityvector.com domain ror 20GB.mo on your own domain.
Domain setup $20/domain One-time fee to set up your own domain on our server(s). Price is per service activated (e.g. web and/or e-mail).
Prepaid Web Transfer Overage $10/10GB If you anticipate an overage in monthly transfer, additional bandwidth can be purchased in blocks of 10GB each. This option represents a 50% savings over incidental overages. Prepaid transfer blocks are added to the allotment included with your base service package.
Incidental Web Transfer Overage $2/GB Web transfer in excess of that allotted for your paid service package(s) will be billed with the subsequent month's invoice.
Additional E-Mail accounts $5/mo Up to 5 additional e-mail accounts (i.e. $5 per additional 5 accounts)
Additional Web Content accounts $5/mo Up to 5 additional file transfer accounts with access to your entire web tree or a portion thereof.
Additional Domain (one service) $5/mo Recurring price for hosting either web or e-mail service on more than one domain with us.
Additional Domain (web+e-mail) $7/mo Recurring price for hosting both web and e-mail services on more than one domain with us.
MySQL Database $3/mo Use database-driven applications with your web hosting package. Includes full permissions on one database.
Static IP address $10/mo Exclusive access to an IP address in our datacenter, including reverse DNS record(s). Required for SSL web hosting. Price is per IP address.
IMAP-SSL e-mail access $3/mo For each e-mail hosting package above, IMAP access can be granted to those accounts. Price is per e-mail package.
- All services include daily backups to hard disk (retained five weekw) and monthly encrypted backups to tape (retained two years). Backups contain all web content, e-mail, home directories, and databases.
- Web services on personally owned domains include web-published logfile analysis every 30 minutes.
- E-Mail services include user-configurable SPAM filtering, webmail, pop3 (SSL), and authenticated smtp (TLS).
- Customers will receive a service credit of $10 per new account referred. Credit is applied after 3 months of paid service for the new account.

All information on this table is current as of 11 Mar 2007.

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