E-Mail Setup

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Supported Client Configurations

The following client software is supported by IVS. Other client software may work, but IVS cannot troubleshoot the literally thousands of clients available.

Linux Systems

Mac OS/X Systems

Windows Systems

Palm OS Systems

Webmail Usage

General Configuration Options

Users preferring client software not listed above may be able to configure it with the following settings. Again, software not listed above is not supported by IVS.

  • Receiving server type: pop3
  • Port: 995
  • Server name: mail.identityvector.com
  • SSL: Required (via alternate port 995)
  • Authentication type: Password
  • Username: Full e-mail address
  • Sending server type: smtp
  • Port: 25 or 465
  • Server name: mail.identityvector.com
  • SSL: Required (via either STARTTLS on port 25 or alternate port 465)
  • Authentication type: Plain
  • Username: Full e-mail address

Miscellaneous E-Mail Service Notes